The Threat of Delicateness 

in which I accidentally destroy 6 months of work with a wave of my hand 

August 19th, 2015


Last night, while baking bread with my neighborhood friend Carlo Maria, I pried apart my Raspberry Pi 2 case in order to show him the extraordinarily small size of the thing. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the MicroSD card, containing a carefully compiled collection of software, as well as a not-insignificant amount of original Pure Data programming for my most recent performance project, "Postsexual/Detasseled", protruded just enough to snag part of the plastic case. Consequently, the thing snapped somewhat in two. It must be short-circuiting in some way, since now it just heats up not unlike an incandescent lightbulb.

I expect that I can recreate all the conditions necessary to continue my work inside of a week of leisurely applications of Head->Desk(). But the feeling of loss is still very real.

Carlo Maria reminded me of the hero's journey; that I must travel to Tartarus, etc. In that spirit, I will use this opportunity to generate just the kind of content I envisioned for this new webpage. I'll do my best to document putting together the system of software I use for my RasPi instrument.

Possibly the best way to follow these posts as they occur is to subscribe to this webpage's feed; and just as soon as I figure out how exactly I want to connect these posts to Twitter, you should see them pop up @graphographer.