Index of blog entries

November 21st at 12:15pm Microtek ArtixScan 120tf vs Epson V750 in which I show they are capable of similar resolving power

October 13th at 2:06pm Compiling externals for Pure Data "Vanilla" (Raspberry Pi 2) in which I compile externals for Pure Data (duh)

September 8th at 6:14pm How to scan print film or: I'm right and you're wrong and nobody cares

September 1st at 2:48pm Adobe is giving away CS2 in which my ancient computing hardware prayers are answered

August 24th at 5:33pm Raspberry Pi Revivification, Part 2 random notes while compiling stuff to use a MobilePre USB soundcard with Jack2 and Pure Data

August 20th at 2:06pm Raspberry Pi Revivification, Part 1 an awful & snarky guide to using "dd"

August 19th at 12:08pm The Threat of Delicateness in which I accidentally destroy 6 months of work with a wave of my hand

August 17th at 10:54pm "Korean Carrot" at RUPTIKOG in which I discover Koryo-saram cuisine after having eaten it many times

August 16th at 2:02pm On Toilet Paper in which I discover the incredibly rich Wikipedia article on toilet paper